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When the five lone survivors of a mining collapse return to their small town changed in terrifying ways, a local doctor battles a spirit that is pulling them

back to the horrors below.

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Crybaby Bridge

“Me Too”-era supernatural thriller

When a renowned small-town Texas evangelist’s teen granddaughter loses her virginity on local legendarily-haunted Crybaby Bridge and her resulting pregnancy activates its terrifying malevolent ghost, she must unearth her connection to the ghost’s horrific fate before it exacts its deadly revenge on her.

Someplace in Time

romantic fantasy/drama

"Frequency" meets "It's a Wonderful Life." A shy history teacher discovers an undelivered love letter from a World War II Army medic and writes a response as a romantic gesture, then is astonished when he writes her back — from 1944, just weeks before the infamous D-day landing in France. But their time-transcending correspondence soon endangers not only his fate in the past but that of her own town in the present.

– Page International Screenwriting Awards QuarterFinalist

medic art work.jfif

historical war action/drama

Above and Beyond

A Navy helicopter pilot leads a near-impossible midnight jungle rescue of two

downed jet pilots behind enemy lines, for which he earned the Medal of Honor. One of the great untold stories of the Vietnam War.  Based on actual events

– Page International Screenwriting Awards Finalist

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Girl's Guide to the Zombie

sci-fi/ thriller series 

Amid a pandemic borne of medical nanotechnology gone amok, a 13-year-old girl named Aurora is salvaged from a helicopter wreck by Max, a survival-savvy boy her same age and on the autism spectrum. In Max's homebuilt apocalypse-ready Go Kart the pair traverses desolated Los Angeles studio backlots, tourist attractions, hospitals -- and pirate ships. They head toward Death Valley and Las Vegas for uncertain rendezvous with parents who may or may not still be living, while those along the way

who are alive might either help -- or prove as deadly as the

"Nano-Z's" that increasingly surround them.


– Page International Screenwriting Awards QuarterFinalist


suspense biopic

Hidden in Plain Sight


The incredible untold story of Joe Kennedy's illegitimate son and President John F. Kennedy's half-brother Ken Montgomery, who became JFK's CIA 'Black Ops' operative during JFK's presidency.  Based on actual events 

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