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Concert Hall

“The Assassin’s Code”

After his only friend is killed in a police shootout, a ruthless assassin pays a visit to the responsible detective’s unsuspecting cellist wife. 
– Peter Stormare, Elizabeth Anweis


“The Assassin’s Code”

A police captain and a community-pillar businessman have a backroom deal complication to sort out. 
– Mark Thompson, Robin Grossman

Death Clock

A mobster relays a tale to the woman he holds hostage, less history lesson than not-so-veiled threat. 
– Ray Liotta, Nikki Reed



“The Assassin’s Code”

A confession creates possibility in a strained marriage between an emotionally-disconnected detective and his wife.
– Justin Chatwin, Elizabeth Anweis

Gas Station

“The Assassin’s Code”

An undercover setup goes awry.

– Justin Chatwin, Jordan Whalen, Matt O’Shea

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